Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tales from Erde

A dark comedy set in the tong in cheek fantasy world of Erde, The Nordiran Saga follows the exploits of Lord Godfry Grimrul, playing the role of the traditional fantasy villain Godfry is feared and despised as the ‘Dark Lord’ of the north, while his ultimate goal maybe indeed be the conquest of the kingdom his intents are not evil in nature.

When the great Templar Sir Thungerson marched into Nordiran on his pilgrimage of righteous fury, he pledged to the king that he was bound by his code to complete for him a mighty quest. The embattled King gladly accepted Horatio’s aid and immediately requested he slay Godfry Grimrul.

To do this Thungerson bayed the King to gather a group of the best warriors he could find to aid him in his quest, thus the King hastily threw together the ‘Fellowship’ and sent them on their way to subdue Lord Grimrul.

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