Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Disaster Labs

I’m currently working away on an extensive pitch document for an Animated Television series, based in the same universe as the Strange Science short film, but set many years later.

The Synopsis.
Disaster Labs is a Science Fiction drama about Zoëy Botton, a struggling robotics engineer, alienated by her family and community she absconds her dreary life when she is offered her dream job working for the international conglomerate Anorak Inc.
Stationed in the infamous D-Labs, deep within one of Anoraks secret research facilities, Zoey meets her idol and childhood hero Eric Yackoff, the man said to be the father of true AI. Zoey’s enthusiasm rekindles a spark in the old scientist and over time they form a close friendship. However as Zoey grows accustomed to her new home she begins to discover that all is not well in the facility.
Funding cuts have left many areas unsafe to venture in and as she digs deeper the darker side of company reveals it’s self. Zoey soon finds herself on the tip of a thread that leads to a tale of conspiracy, espionage and murder with the facilities pragmatic and mysterious Administrator at the heart of it.

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