Sunday, 6 November 2011

Morning Brew

My current project  is a 3 minute film I’m creating for my final year in university.
The film will be called Morning Brew, I’ll be animating it in my time honoured tradition of light box drawn images and digital colouring. The film will be composed of roughly 3000 drawings not including backgrounds, I will have roughly 4 months to complete it.
Essentially a slapstick comical piece it will have no dialog and rely on sound affects and music to carry the action.
The reason I wanted to do this particular film was to push the limits of what I could animate, with lots of strange camera angles and fluid movement it should prove a decent challenge. Hopefully if it succeeds this film will be a showcase for my current abilities.

Liz and Dan are a young competitive couple, neither of them are morning people and can’t function without a decent brew.
Upon discovering that only one bag remains, the groggy couple desperate for a cup of tea begin to chase, dupe and fight each other over the precious item, tearing up the kitchen in the process and eventually destroying the tea bag.
Their antics awakens their flat mate Sam, a logical if not mildly pedantic woman, Sam cuts into her friends ridiculous struggle to reveal that a fresh box of tea is hidden in the kitchen, embarrassed the couple release each other and sit down in the living room with a brew each finally content... until they reach for the biscuit tin that is...

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